More Blogs You Should Read That Aren’t This One

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I don’t understand — how can a cobbler even have children? And why would any dessert need shoes?

A few months back, I listed the places where I regularly publish online. I’ve added a few places since then, so I thought I should update the list. Here’s the list, in its entirety and formatted to fit your screen:

  • What I’m doing and attempts to be funny go on Twitter.
  • Links that I’m saving for my own reference get saved at
  • Links that I don’t necessarily need to save, but that I want to others to read — and thoughts that are longer than 140 characters — are shared via Google Reader.
  • Movable Type tutorials go on Devlounge.
  • MT news is posted every Monday on Blog Herald.
  • Mac and iPhone software news and reviews on MacApper
  • Blogging tips on… wait for it… Blogging Tips

The irony is, the more of these sites I write for, the more traffic gets directed here, where I don’t have time to write because I’m writing for these other sites (That is irony, right?). Hence my recent thinking about cobblers and shoes. My hope is that all this blogging I’m doing elsewhere — where I get paid and have real deadlines — will make me a better, more productive writer. And that, in turn, will lead to more posting here… which will lead to more blogging jobs… which will lead to my finally getting one of those drinking problems all the good writers have. Here’s hoping.