About the Author

My name is Billy Mabray. I’m a husband and father doing iOS development in Oklahoma City. If you came here to find out if I’m the Billy Mabray you know, then a little bit of my background might help. I grew up in Macomb, OK and graduated from high school there in 1995. I graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1999. I’ve worked a variety of full-time and freelance job since.

I write about technology and other geeky things relevant to my interests. I try to be funny on Twitter and I share stuff on Tumblr. If you’d like to contact me, one of those two sites would work best.

About News Goat

News Goat is powered by Pelican and uses a modified version of the tuxlite_tbs theme. The “News” in News Goat refers to my thinking, back in the early days of blogging, that I’d be writing about things in the news. And the “Goat” in News Goat is just our thing.