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Finally, an Internet quiz about something important. Just be careful about the badge code—it includes a text link for online dating. Accidentally, I’m sure.

About the same time I was looking into moving our websites to a VPS, I read some comments on the Pronet list by Mark Carey about using a single installation of Movable Type to run multiple domains. I was very interested—we have several MT sites, and it would be great to run everything from a central location. MT is built to run multiple blogs, so it seems silly to install it multiple times on a server if you don’t have to. With this setup, I only have one installation to upgrade, one place to install plugins, and one login to control all my blogs.

It took some tweaking, but I’ve got it working and wanted to write up the process.

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To write this blog, I use the Markdown with SmartyPants text filter. In fact, I use Markdown pretty much anywhere I can. It’s simple to use, and looks good even when displayed as plain text.

And there’s never a reason not to use SmartyPants. It makes such a difference in how punctuation looks, even a design-blind developer like myself can see the improvement.

So when I noticed that text filters are not applied to titles, I was quite disappointed. I set out to correct it, and here’s what I came up with.

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Since I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo for the past two years, I thought I should mention that I”m not doing it this year. I did Script Frenzy in June, and one month-long writing challenge per year seems like enough. I’ll probably do NaNoWriMo next year, with the idea of alternating between that and Script Frenzy.