My Facebook FAQ

Friday, September 7, 2007
1. Are you on Facebook?
Yes. Update: I’ve since deleted my page. So, technically, yes.
2. Can we be friends on Facebook?
3. Why not?
I don’t use it.
4. Why not?
I tried it, didn’t like it.
5. But then you miss out on all the cool Facebook Apps!
That’s not a question.
6. But, don’t you miss out on all the cool Facebook Apps?
No. Where do you think all those apps come from? They come from grown-up websites. Remember websites? They’re what caused the downfall of AOL. Remember AOL? It was a private network with proprietary apps. This has all happened before, it will all happen again.
7. Do I have to answer all those questions?
8. But, how can you and I connect and share stuff and keep track of each other and things like that?

If you want to keep up with me you can:

  • Subscribe to my blog
  • Subscribe to my Twitter feed
  • Subscribe to my Flickr pics
  • Connect to me on LinkedIn
  • Send me email occasionally
  • Call once in a while
  • Drop by when you’re in town

And I, in turn, will do the same for you.

9. Well, then… do you have a MySpace page?
See, now we can’t even be real friends.