The Things I Do to Help Other People

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My wife’s Sony Clié died recently. Don’t feel too badly for it — it led a long and full life. The loss has been pretty hard on Angela, though. She kept track of everything on it. Once you get an organizational system in place, when it’s not there you feel like part of your brain is missing.

Good husband that I am, I have graciously offered to give her my Treo. Of course, I suppose if I did that I would have to get a new phone. I wonder if any interesting models have come out recently…

Actually, even though I feel the call of the iPhone as much as anyone else, the price tag is a little steep for me. So, while I wait for either the price to come down or my checking account balance to go up, I’ve been checking out various iPhone giveaways that have sprung up recently. If you’re interested in the different ways to get a free iPhone, I’ve posted a bunch of them on SweepsGoat.

(Side note: SweepsGoat just launched its own sweepstakes. If you like winning stuff, you should check it out, because it’s all about winning stuff by looking for ways to win stuff.)

On one of those sweepstakes, you enter by linking to on your website or blog.

In another, you post “MeToday” videos on Viddler to enter. Here’s my most recent:

With apologies to anyone who watches it. Actually, I’ve had more fun with the videos than I expected. I don’t think video blogging is really my thing, but it’s a fun creative exercise, not unlike NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy (Which I finished, btw. More on that later.).

Hopefully my efforts to do something nice for my wife will not be in vain…