Shedding Season

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It’s something of a tradition when I come to SXSW: Rather than listen to the panels I’ve paid good money to see, I overhaul my blog. In this case, it was long overdue. I was still running WP 1.5, while the rest of the world had moved past that version long ago. So I decided to just do it, and I figured while I was at it I would shed my old design and work on a new one. This is the Sandbox theme, a nice utilitarian design for folks who like to start with an empty canvas.

I’ve got some design ideas percolating, and a ton of new tech stuff I want to play with. This blog was originally supposed to be a place for me to experiment with design, development, and writing. Lately, none of that has happened here. But, inspiration and renewed energy are also SXSW traditions, so maybe some of that will show up here.

Speaking of SXSW: Twitter is the new black. I can’t say I understand the appeal just yet, but I’m having fun playing with it. There are screens around the convention center showing what people are Twittering.

So far, we’re having a great time here. Bad timing has kept us from doing some of the things we wanted to do, but that happens. I’m taking notes, so I’ll have more to write about it when I get back.