Things I Should Have Blogged in 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Like most bloggers, I don’t blog very often. I was thinking about this as I was considering what I could write for ProBlogger’s Group Writing Project. It occurred to me that this would be a good time to cover those things I should have blogged over the past year but, for whatever reason (laziness), I did not.

And so, here it is:

2006 — The Blog Posts that Weren’t


We started the year on vacation in Europe. Within a short two weeks we managed to hit France, Italy, Switzerland, and Amsterdam. It was an amazing trip, but I was sure glad to get back to boring after two full weeks of different.


No, but seriously. He shot a guy. In the face.


I finally got around to buying the equipment I need to network our old Series 1 TiVo. Now to just find time to do it.


We changed our phone service over to Vonage. I love that they email me my voicemail messages.


We went to Lebowski Fest in Austin. The absolute best part was twenty Walters screaming at a bowling alley employee who looked vaguely like Larry.


I’m still learning Rails, but I had to unsubscribe from the Rails mailing list. Way too much noise. And they allow anonymous posting, so there was a lot of spam. Every mailing list should be run by Steve Champeon.


We received our yearly feedback from the PRP judges. Nothing particularly noteworthy this year. The one thing that always bothers me is the complaints about not enough events on the calendar. I’m not sure how the webmaster can be blamed for that.


Bloglines screwed up some of my subscriptions, losing posts I was keeping new. So, I installed ReBlog on my own server. It’s nice, but without Bloglines 200 post limit per blog, it’s easy to get way behind.


We went to the Webmaster Jam Session. CoffeeCup did a great job running it. A lot of it was a tad basic for us, but it was a good experience anyway.


We played the McDonald’s Monopoly game. Not play like going in and buying burgers to play. Oh no, we sent away for entries. A lot of entries. Since each entry includes basically a $1 gift certificate to Best Buy, we actually made money on the deal. Sort of.


Absolutely nothing happened this month.


Q: Can an annual award by a news magazine jump the shark?
A: Yes. Yes it can.