DCP_0013-5x35.jpg Kelly has been with us for about a year and a half now, and I can’t believe I never got around to posting her picture here. She was given to us by somebody we worked with at the old place. That person had found her on Kelly Ave. (hence the name), and since she already had seven dogs (I. Can’t. Imagine.), thought she should find a new home for Kelly. Angela & I are complete and utter suckers, so we took her.

Around people, Kelly is the sweetest dog in the world. Her only goal in life is to be touched. Whenever she sees us she makes this strange cooing growl, as if we’re in trouble for being out of her sight for so long. She’s the kind of dog you want to have around when you have company, because you know she’ll be the hit of the party.

Around other dogs, however, Kelly is a complete bully. She and Bernie have an understanding, but anytime she gets around other dogs she gets very aggresive — so much so that we don’t tend to take her out in public much.