How do You Use MT?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Six Apart wants to know how people use MT. I’ve talked about this before, and I’ve got more to write on the whole licensing thing later today, but I wanted to get this down so it can be TrackedBack to the folks at Six Apart.

News Goat is pretty straightforward: One blog and two authors. I do most of the writing, but Angela has done some in the past and might decide to do more in the future. Whenever I get around to redesigning this site, I may add another blog or two to the site to support additional features.

Central Oklahoma Mensa is a much more complicated monster. It uses six blogs and 23 authors. The blogs are used for news, calendar, photo gallery, links, newsletter, and static pages. Literally, the entire site is generated by MT. Although there are 23 authors, there are only actually two people who log in and manage the site: Angela and myself. The rest I created for the newsletter. Mensokie is the group’s print newsletter, and I convert it to XHTML for people to read online. To keep track of original authorship, I create author accounts and assign the articles to the appropriate authors. That way, it is easy to find all articles by a particular author.

Central Oklahoma Mensa is a not-for-profit group. What money comes in gets spent to print the newsletter — anything left over from that is handed out as scholarships every year.

If anybody wants more details just send an e-mail to any name you like at It’ll get to me.

Oh, and kudos to Six Apart for listening to their users and trying to find a licensing arrangement people can live with.