Walk The Walk

Thursday, March 25, 2004

About a year and a half ago, Angela’s sister, Tracey, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The news was hard to take—Tracey is a very active person, and the thought of this disease keeping her from doing all the things she loved to do was difficult for her, and for all of us that love her.

Now, it has been my experience that people tend to deal with things like this in one of two ways: They shut down and give up, or they fight and do the best they can. Tracey is a fighter. In the short time since she was diagnosed, she has made a real difference in the MS community. She started a local support group, gave radio interviews, and spoke at fund-raising events.

Angela & I are both proud of our sister, and try to support her and her fight against MS however we can. On Saturday, April 3, Angela will be participating in a 5k walk to raise awareness about and money for MS. If you would like to contribute, you can sponsor Angela online. Anything helps, and it is one of those causes where, with enough time and money, a solution will be found.