Now Open: Barnwood Decor

Friday, February 20, 2004

We just launched our newest creation: Barnwood Decor, which specializes in weathered wood picture frames, bird houses, and more. I’ll be adding products all weekend long, so be sure to check back from time to time to see what’s new.

Our client on this project, Thee Olde Barnyard, has given us the go ahead to do whatever we think is best to promote the site. To that end, we are going to explore many options, including some we’ve done for Crafty Goat. eBay sales, Froogle listings, monthly giveaways, and My Gift List affiliation are just some of our plans for this site.

E-commerce sites are a challenge, because I’m determined to create standards-based, CSS-powered web sites, but none of the available e-commerce tools, that I have found, fit that description. So, you end up with a hybrid—a CSS design with just enough tables here and there to screw things up.

So far, the site looks as expected in IE 5.x+ on Windows, Safari on OS X, and in Gecko-based browsers. I’m going to hide most, if not all, of the CSS from 4.x and below browsers. IE 5.2 on Mac has some real issues, and I’ve seen some problems in AOL that need to be fixed. It’s not perfect, but, as with everything else on the Web, it’s a work in progress.