So… Now What?

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Some mornings, Angela & I would pull into work and there wouldn’t be many cars in the parking lot. I’d turn to her and say, “Hey, maybe they fired everybody!”

Yeah,” she’d say, “let’s just assume we’re fired too and go home.”

And we’d just laugh and laugh. Because, at the time, it seemed pretty funny. Well…

Thursday afternoon, the company we work for gave us notice that, come November, we would no longer have jobs. In fact, 75% of the employees will be gone by the end of the year.

It’s not like this is completely unexpected. Things have been going downhill for about a year. They bet the farm on a single client, who ended up costing us more in development than we received from them in revenue. Those who make decisions had made a bad one, and they had absolutely no idea how to recover from it. They’ve been laying off people pretty steadily, and now they’re completely eliminating some of the services they provide. I don’t expect there to be anything left of the company in another year. I’m not sure who’s better off — those who got to keep their jobs, or those that didn’t.

I am sure that we will be fine, though. The job market is slim, but we have two months to look while we’re still getting a paycheck. We’ve got a home business, that I believe could take off if we concentrated on it more. And, we’ve got money in the bank, should it take a while to find new incomes. In other words, we have lots of options, and lots of decisions to make.

Whatever happens, it’s important to focus on what matter most: we won’t have to work at that cesspool any longer. :-)