We leave for our vacation in a few hours. We will be in New York, Boston, and various other cities as we sight-see and visit family and friends.

We should be able to blog from the road. We’re not taking laptops because we’re trying to travel light. Instead, we’ll be taking our new Sony Clie NX70V. We bought it after our Palm VIIx, which had been having problems for a few weeks, succumbed to a fatal error that no amount of resetting could cure. Armed with a wireless card, a long list of WiFi hotspots, and Kablog, we intend to keep in touch.

But, before I go, here’s a pack of stuff for your reading enjoyment:

  • Web Design Patterns — Examples of many different design types. Good for getting ideas or for figuring out what a client wants.
  • Colours on the Web — Another color theory tutorial. I need all of these I can find.
  • Clie Car Cradle — Sony, you come out with this right after I buy a Clie? How strong do you think I am?
  • Common Content — I’m a big fan of the Creative Commons Project, and this site shows what makes it great.
  • CSS Image Replacement Techniques — More ways to separate design from content.
  • User Interface Library — Handy to have if you ever do any prototyping.
  • Form Errors. Simplified. — I saw the best form error page just the other day. When I submitted the form, it returned with a page that just had the fields that were incorrect. I wish I could remember where that was. It’s clear, simple, and I intend to steal it.
  • Web Design Postcards — I have no doubt that some of the sites I’ve done could earn me some of these cards. If people would start doing things like this — speaking up when they encounter a broken site — maybe more web designers would get the hint and start writing standards-based, cross-platform sites.