According to my GPS, we are currently just NW of Raleigh, NC. Of course, according to our original flight schedule, we should have been in New York about an hour ago.

This was apparently not the day to fly. Bad weather around the country has caused a ton of delays. Dallas in particular got a lot of rain, causing our 11:50 flight to not leave until after 1:00. The counter agent assured us that if we didn’t make our 2:00 flight, we would have seats on the one at 3:00.

We landed in Dallas at about 1:35, and it looked like we might just make our flight. Unfortunately, instead of pulling on up to the gate, we just sat there. We weren’t told anything, so I can only assume our pilot saw somebody just loading their groceries into the back of their plane, and decided it was a parking spot worth waiting for.

We finally “deplaned” (That’s such a dumb word, isn’t it? When I get out of my car, I don’t deSUV.) at five minutes after 2:00. Assuming we had already missed our flight, we went to the gate counter and asked about getting on the next flight.

Oh no, your flight hasn’t left yet. You can still make it! Hurry!”

So, we hurried. We rushed to the “TrAAin” (It’s like a train, only misspelled! Clever, no?) in time to take a leisurely ride to the terminal. It was like those roller coaster rides they build for four-year-olds. We get off the train (Excuse me, TrAAin), rush to the gate, and get there just in time — to be told we’re too late by the agent who ws about to go on break.

I’m so glad we hurried.

We were able to get seats on the next flight. Lucky, huh? No, not really. Our 3:00 flight did not leave the ground till after 4:30 because of some problem with the left engine.

And that brings us to where we are now — watching our progress on a GPS, expecting to reach New York at about 9:00.