Welcome, OKCPCUG!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

News Goat will be featured in our presentation today to the OKCPCUG. We will be talking about easy, low-cost ways to create a personal web site. Naturally, blogging will be discussed at length. If anyone is interested, it will be at 7:00p.m. tonight — visit their website for all the details.

For a sampling of the topics that will be discussed, you can view the hand out we will be distributing at the meeting. The interesting thing about that page is it makes use of a print style sheet. If you print it from a browser that supports such things, you will see that it prints very differently from the way it looks. When printing, I hide the banner and navigation, and make the URL appear next to the text of the links. This allows us to make the same information available online as we are distributing in hard copy, yet we only have to maintain one document.