Incredibly Useful Things

Friday, June 13, 2003

Via Mark via Simon: Web Development Bookmarklets. The “Edit CSS” bookmarklet is something you have to see to believe.

Update: Bookmarklets are broken in Firebird 0.6, which is disappointing, since that’s what I use at work. Both bugs have been fixed, but they have not made it into a milestone release yet. Use Mozilla 1.3 instead. Also, any stylesheets you include through an @import statement are not automatically pulled into the “Edit CSS” screen. My mistake, they are. Regardless, these are this is a minor complaints about useful tools.

Update update: “Edit CSS” does not work as a bookmarklet in Firebird 0.6, but it will work as a link on the page. So, I used the handy-dandy button maker and added a link to the front page. If you have a Mozilla-based browser, you can click that image to play with the CSS of this page.