I’m trying not to take this as a sign. :-)

Mere moments away from having the whole “90 days” thing done and in the history books, and our server dies. Our web host has told us a virus infected the server, and every attempt so far to restore it has resulted in the server getting reinfected. Our web sites that were hosted there are now taking refuge on Mystical Meatballs’ server. Whether they will return to that server, and how much we will be able to restore, is still up in the air. If I were a lab rat, I would die from starvation and electrical shock — I still have not learned to make frequent backups.

Oh, and the web host you are viewing us on now? They had a fire in their server room the other day.


Perhaps it’s the domain names. Perhaps other webmasters sabotage us as a sacrificial offering to the web hosting gods. Or perhaps we have angered them somehow, and they are smiting us.

Or perhaps I just need to get into the habit of making backups.