Day 90: What a Ride

Monday, May 26, 2003

This is it. The final day of our little experiment is finally here. Thank goodness — this has been wearing us out. Day jobs, life, and a home-based business make for an extra full plate.

How did we do? Well, I’m writing this instead of a resignation letter, if that tells you anything. :-) Obviously, it was not as successful as we could have hoped for. But, I would hardly call it a failure. We do have one client, as well as several leads. We are actively advertising our business, practicing our art, learning new skills, and generating word-of-mouth. We have started new projects, abandoned others, and are still considering many more.

In other words, we are doing. That is something we were not doing before. It may slow down for a bit, as we catch our breaths and regroup, but it will not stop. As far as I am concerned, Smart Goat is my career, my other employment is just a job. I can keep that job, or not — and that’s exactly the position I want to be in.