Day 76: Still Tweaking

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I’m still working on the new OKMensa calendar. For those, interested, it has moved. I have integrated it with our current design, but I’m still having problems with the width and the iCalendar files. The month view is fine, but the other pages are still too wide. I can’t get the day page to budge. I hate tables, even when used correctly. :-)

The iCalendar problem is tricky. We tried exporting the events from our Palm as a vCalendar file. That just caused errors. Mozilla Calendar uses iCalendar as its format, so we tried importing the Palm file into that. No good — it would not import at all. So, I typed each of the events into Mozilla, then uploaded its iCalendar file to the website. If you visit the page, you can view the results. No, we did not schedule the same event 6 days in a row.

I’m done trying for the evening. I’ll play with it more tomorrow.

Also, Angela finally got advertising rates from the Yukon Progress. They are fairly reasonable, so I could see us purchasing an ad or two.