Day 74: Deciding Not To Decide

Sunday, May 11, 2003

We intended to finish plowing through the Hot Spot Operator contract, satisfying our final reservations, then sign the contract and send if off today. That’s not exactly how it happened.

Part of the contract wasn’t printed for us in the handy-dandy packet; it was only available online. While reading through those 30 pages online, we came across might be a deal-breaker for us. The original contract (the one they were nice enough to print off for us) says we need to be monitoring network status and be able to fix problems within a reasonable time. The online-only version defines reasonable time. They want us to be aware of problems (i.e., pro-actively monitoring or available for trouble reports) within 2 hours and have fixed problems within 24 hours. So much for ever taking another weekend trip! Since we’re not especially interested in giving up our lives for a business (I mean, we can do that with our current jobs!), and we’re not that crazy about providing tech support, we decided today is not the day to sign this contract. Instead we’re doing some more research and discussing possible alternatives.