Day 69: Expanding Ads

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Last year was the first time Smart Goat was listed in our local phone directories. Since we were just getting started, and did not think we were ready to spend a lot of money to possibly get more work than we could handle, we settled for the free, single line listings. They were not very effective — we received one call from a potential client (who ended up not being a client), and several calls from people looking for work.

This year, we’ve decided to expand our listings. We were contacted by Feist, and we met with one of their sales people today. We decided to take a step up — a small box entry in one category, and bold listings in two others. It’s not all that expensive, and it should be interesting to see how this affects the number of calls we get.

Everything has been straightened out with Go Daddy. The problems we had yesterday were a result of a bad user interface that allowed us to block our own attempt to backorder the domain. And, of course, nowhere on the site will you find documentation of this “feature.” But, all is well today, and the domain is backordered. Go Daddy explained what happened, and made it right, so there are no hard feelings.