Day 68: Planning Ahead

Monday, May 5, 2003

Scattered throughout our brains are a variety of business ideas. One of them could be a goldmine. More likely, several of them are copper mines — individually, not worth all that much, but together, quite valuable. One of our goals is to explore as many of these ideas as we can, to see if they can be added to our list of copper mines.

One such idea depends on a specific domain name. It is currently registered, but will expire soon. We had hoped to back order it, but the process did not go smoothly. Go Daddy has typically been a flawless resource, but today they failed us. They decided after we had bought a backorder account, but before we specified the domain we wanted, that it was too late to perform a backorder for that domain. Anytime you can pay for what you want but still not get it, there is a flaw in the system.

So, today did not go according to plan, but things are still in progress. I will tell more when I can.