Random Things That Amuse Me

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Amusing Story #1:

A convenience store near our house is advertising “Mulch: 5 for 10.” I can only assume this means if I bring them 5 bags of mulch, they will give me 10. Seems like a good deal.

While coming back from a concert last night (which I also need to write about, it was great), we stopped at another gas station. Sure enough, they had six foot tall palettes of mulch at each pump. Is this an Oklahoma thing, or does everybody shop for mulch at gas stations? I just can’t imagine pulling into a convenience store, buying gas, M&Ms, and a Dr. Pepper, and thinking, “You know, I should pick up some mulch while I’m here.”

While contemplating this, I filled up the car and Angela bought us some drinks. The lady in line behind her bought five bags.

Amusing Story #2:

At work today, we demoed our software, yet again, for the Extremely Difficult Client (EDC). There were five EDC employees there to test the fixes we have made since the last time they were there. Three of them were helpful and diplomatic about everything. The other two apparently get paid by the sigh. If someone has a problem with the work I have done, I want them to tell me, so I can fix it. But leave the drama at home — it just makes people look silly.

At one point S., one of the sighers, was looking at our version of their “Hot Box Report,” and was pointing out differences between it and theirs. He said, and I quote, “So, this is not a Hot Box Report, it’s just a report.”

That statement hit me as one of the funniest and most mind-boggling things I have ever heard. Did he want us to raise the temperture in the server room? I will admit, I felt of the report myself, and it was only luke-warm. Or, maybe, it had not achieved enough in its life as a report to be called Hot Box. Apparently, the bar to become Hot Box is very high.

Many are called, but few are chosen.

The rest buy mulch at the nearest gas station.