Day 61: Tracking Time

Monday, April 28, 2003

As we finished our first set of changes for Clemency, we realized we needed a good way to track our time. We considered developing our own, but then found that had already done all the work. We set up a free trial account (limit of four projects) with them, which will work for now. The nice thing about their site is that they allow us to log in and track our time, then provide a separate login account for each customer to view their project hours. They also have an invoicing system, in which you can mark which hours to include for a particular invoice, and designate the price per hour. They’ve done a nice job.

In other news, we spent a good part of the afternoon picking up litter for Litter Blitz. Since we officially did that as a Smart Goat function, and since our efforts will be publicized as such, I suppose that can be listed here too.