Day 60: 60 Day Review

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Here we are, two-thirds of the way through our little experiment. I’m proud to say that, despite sometimes being tired of the whole thing, we’ve stuck with it this long. Every day, we have done something related to our business, no matter how small or vaguely related.

So, where are we? We have one client, several leads, and one opportunity with a lot of potential. The Toshiba Hotspot thing is a little scary. It will mean us becoming sales people, something neither of us is really good at. Also, it means being on-call a lot of the time, which is not really the type of work we want. So, we will have to do some research into that before we decide for sure it is what we want to do.

All in all, I’m happy with where we are and what we are doing. Smart Goat is doing much better than it was before we started this, and that’s what it’s all about.

Angela is posting more eBay auctions, so we can become Trading Assistants. After watching the OKCPCUG presentation about eBay, I’ve decided eBay could become a good way to supplement one’s income. I always thought that if I were lucky… er, I mean, unfortunate enough to get fired, I would, if necessary, take a minimum wage job just to keep money coming in while I looked for a better job. Now, though, I think I could make just as much reselling on eBay things I found at thrift stores.

One more things… we’ve decided, if we ever do the “90 days” thing again, it will be 90 business days. We want our weekends back! :-)