Day 56: Down With Updates

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

More contact with the band. They gave us a login and password to their webserver, and sent us the first batch of updates that need to be made. Now we just need to put together a contract and get to work.

I’ve been researching information on the laws and considerations involved in running a sweepstakes. So far, the most useful site I found was Promotion Law Playbook. I signed up for their newsletter and learned a few things reading through their forums. I’d definitely like to run a monthly giveaway to generate traffic on Crafty Goat, but I’d also like to consider offering this as a service to our clients. Online “adver-gaming” is a great use for Flash, and something that I can only see increasing in popularity in the near future. If we could position ourselves as a provider in that market, I think we could find some bigger and more profitable projects.