Day 52: eBay, Books, and Follow-Ups

Saturday, April 19, 2003

We called our new lead today, initially leaving a voice mail. He called back, but we only talked briefly because he was preparing for a show. I got the impression he was definitely interested in going forward with us, though. We’ll be in touch again early next week.

Last night we attended an OKCPCUG meeting about making money with eBay. The speaker had some good tips, including using the free TurboLister to make listing easier. We downloaded it tonight and plan to try it out for future listings. Becoming a full-time eBay reseller sounds tempting; while the speaker admitted she didn’t support herself with eBay, I do think it would be a good way to support one’s garage sale habit!

Along the same lines, I also finished an eBay book I had borrowed from the library. Unfortunately it was a little older than I realized when I checked it out, meaning a lot of the information was out-dated. It did, however, mention businesses selling services (like web design) on eBay. We glanced at the appropriate category and didn’t see auctions that actually had bids, but it might be something to try one of these days.

Now that we’re actively looking for leads, we’re starting to notice more businesses that don’t have websites. We need to start jotting down the info of a potential lead whenever we think about it, whether we’re browsing through the newspaper, listening to the radio, or eating at a restaurant that we suddenly realize needs a website. We certainly don’t want to forget a good idea and miss out on a potential customer.