Day 51: Leading the Way

Friday, April 18, 2003

Another lead from MarketingTool today. This one is for a Christian rock band. Every day, I become more impressed with the results we are getting from MarketingTool. We may look into other, similar sites to see if we can get similar results from them.

Contact management is crucial for a small business. You need to establish a process, and track that process with each lead. You don’t want to send the same client an introductory e-mail 12 times. And, you do not want to get a lead, then never make contact.

We’re looking at Act as a possible contact management system. The key will be if it integrates well with our Palm address book.

Also, as part of our contact process, we came up with a “standard” introductory e-mail to send to new leads. We customize it for each contact, so it does not have the feel of a form letter. We sent a version to our new lead, and to our last lead, who we’re still trying to get in touch with.