Day 50: Fax & Figures

Thursday, April 17, 2003

I was finally able to fax the HSO application to Toshiba. I gave up on the default fax driver and downloaded Mighty Fax, a shareware fax driver. Now, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with the default fax driver in XP, but the fact is, Mighty Fax worked on the first try, the default did not work after several tries. So, I bought Mighty Fax, and I’m mighty happy.

We received another lead from Marketing Tool. If they keep up this pace it will be a huge boost to our business. We tried to make first contact with our new lead, but had some trouble getting in touch with him. We’ll keep trying.

I spoke with our first lead from MarketingTool. He was a tad negative about websites — it sounded like he was not happy with whoever created his current site. After talking to him a bit, I convinced him to let us send some ideas for things he might want us to do, along with a price list, to see if there’s anything we can do for him. Not an ideal situation, but we still have a chance with this client.

Now that we are getting some leads, we decided it was time to come up with a contact process. Our plan goes like this: When we first get a lead, we send an introductory e-mail, telling the individual how we were referred and giving them some information about our services. This will be followed the next day with a phone call. We are going to take turns being the primary contact with clients. We are also looking at some contact management software, which might be useful in tracking our leads.

Fairly productive day — now, if I can just get myself fired so I have more time to work on this stuff. ;-)