Day 49: Purchases, Problems, & Phone Calls

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

A few updates:

  • We purchased Flash 4 on eBay so that we can purchase the upgrade version of MX. This will save us about 50% off the full price of Flash MX.
  • I tried to fax the HSO application to Toshiba. Unfortunately, XPs fax software is next to useless. If the fax fails, there is no way to resend that fax — you have to go through the whole “fax wizard” again. After multiple attempts and much frustration, I decided I would go to Kinko’s, or something, tomorrow.
  • We also tried to contact a possible client, but could not get in touch with him. It’s amazing, with so many avenues of communication at our finger tips, how many of them are rarely useful. :-)