Analysis of a Workplace E-Mail

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Note: The following is humor. I hope. I haven’t written much humor lately, so it seemed like a good idea to identify it as such, so I don’t make anyone angry.

One of the ironies of corporate life: The same people who tell you not to spend any time on the Internet will fully support things like this:

Hello All,

MALE COWORKERs little baby girl is due very soon :-) Since his department doesn’t have anyone to organize a shower. . .

Since there are, in fact, three guys who work for MALE COWORKER, I think the meaning here is obvious: Men are useless.

a few of us thought it would be a great idea

The clique has determined this to be good. All hail the clique.

to pick a date and fill MALEs cube with diapers, wipies, and baby bath products

And, because public humiliation only gets better the more people are involved, the rest of us are invited to participate.

(he might as well get used to being surrounded by them!)

People who have children give up all other aspects of their lives. It happened to them, so they hope it happens to the rest of us.

SO - Monday, April 28th, if you would like to participate, just drop your gift off in MALEs cube anytime during the day.

As a member of this company, you are expected to tithe 10% to whatever inane excuse someone can come up with to inflate balloons.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.

Do not question her authority. She is a member of the clique. All hail the clique.


No, thank you.