Day 41: Wi-Fi Opportunity

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

We received the information we requested from Toshiba about their “Wi-Fi reseller” program. Here’s how it works: As a reseller, we would sell the necessary equipment to a location, making a slight profit on the transaction. We then make a percentage on each user that buys time at that location.

A quick search of Google News shows many people believe there is a lot of potential in offering Wi-Fi services. And I agree — having wireless access everywhere we went in Austin was wonderful. Good enough, in fact, that it would affect my lodging/dining plans next time I am on vacation. And I’m just an Internet addict — for people who are on business trips/lunches, it would be well worth the fees.

We are going to sign up, and see if we can find places in the Oklahoma City area to sell the service to. This may be just the opportunity we have been looking for.