Week 4: American Heart Association

Sunday, April 6, 2003

I donated to the American Heart Association this week at work. We don’t necessarily approve of the amount of time our co-workers are allowed/expected to spend on this, our one and only work-sponsored charity event… especially with deadlines and big projects and the new blockage of the majority of the internet because “we’re all wasting too much time online.” But just because we don’t agree with some of the methods of our workplace, we shouldn’t refuse to give to a worthy cause.

In my case, I spent my donation entering two contests. The first was for four hours of landscaping help from one of our co-workers who specializes in that area. The second is for a 50-50 chance at a paid day’s vacation.

The landscaping drawing was held on Friday, and we actually won! We’re not sure yet when we’ll get together with him, but I think it will be good for our yard. I’d like to have someone with a little landscaping experience give us some pointers. The other contest will be held in a couple of weeks. Basically, it will result in either Billy or I (but not both) getting a day off of work. So far, my donations have offered great benefits!