Day 33: Improvements

Sunday, March 30, 2003

I finally figured out how to turn off the sound on the CultureQuest quiz today… after attempting it at least two other evenings. I wanted the sound on/off button to set a global variable… but for some (as of yet undetermined) reason, I was having trouble defining a global variable despite declaring and initiializing exactly like the help files told me to. The solution? I ended up using a _root variable instead. Seems to have the same features the _global is supposed to have… with the added bonus that _root actually works. I need to do more research and see if there’s something I’m missing on why that didn’t work. I’d also like to find out more about the differences between buttons, graphics, and movie clips — and why certain properties are specific to certain object types. I’m not sure I understand why there needs to be a differentiation… especially when it comes to properties like clickability, visibility, and transparency. I’ve still got a lot to learn about Flash.

In addition to adding the functionality to turn on/off the sound effects, I also modified the wording at the end of the quiz. Previously it told users to sign up by April 1st; now, it just tells them where to go for more information.

And while I was working on tweaking things in Flash, Billy did more networking. The OKCPCUG sent our new membership forms yesterday, so Billy filled out the areas in which we would be willing to donate our time. We selected website and software design, in addiition to hosting a web design SIG and writing for the eMonitor. Speaking of which… I just looked at their website and noticed they’ve posted the articles for the April eMonitor — and my review of FotoAlbum is among them.