Day 24: Follow-Ups and Fresh Ideas

Friday, March 21, 2003

Today’s activities mostly consisted of following up on things. We emailed a couple of folks from the OKCPCUG — one about doing software reviews, and one about writing for their newsletter, the eMonitor. The newsletter editor wrote back to say she would welcome our submissions. I plan to write an article for the next issue about FotoAlbum, a freeware photo organizing application that I think is far superior to the $30-150 FlipAlbum software they discussed at last night’s general meeting. We’ve got other ideas for future articles as well.

I also did some summarizing of the SXSW topics I wanted to follow up on. One thing I wanted to try was some Flash design, using stock photos to create some different looks. I don’t intend to do anything with these just yet — it’s more of an exercise in design. Here’s my first design. I may eventually make it into another puzzle (I even included a sample title), but right now, I’m trying not to concentrate on what it’s going to be…