Day 22: Portfolio Padding

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I’ve mentioned before the importance of having a good portfolio. In many cases, that is all potential clients will use to judge you. Today, we worked on our portfolio — expanding it and making it better.

Tipped off by an anonymous informant from the Mensa Webheads SIG (ok, I forwarded her an e-mail), Angela followed up on a request that went out for help from a Flash developer for the Mensa Annual Gathering. No word yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of Angela and Flash, she has posted the final version of the game she mentioned yesterday. Also, she corrected a small display bug on her other Flash game.

Also, Mystical Meatballs is back. Very soon, it will be added to our portfolio.

So that all this work is not wasted, we updated our portfolio page. It sports a new look and has more information and more items. The design was accidental — I was having some issues with the layout, so I put a border around the item divs — just to see where they were — and it didn’t look half bad. Using the magic of CSS, we tweaked it a bit, and came up with something we very happy with. This showcases our work much better than the previous design.