Day 19: Mystical Meatballs Returns

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Well, it will return soon. We’ve had the domain name, but we’ve not had a host for it since the Cyberwings debacle. Today, we purchased a new home for it. It will be a showcase for our work and a home for our recipes.

Also, with this new hosting account, we will be able to offer our clients web hosting. We will be a reseller for those clients who need web space. This can be important, especially when trying to attract small businesses. They want an all-in-one service, and they want it cheap. We can now provide that, assuming this web host does not go belly up six months from now, as our web hosts so often do.

Also, I did a little work on Crafty Goat. I’m afraid my drop shadow will have to go. I’m a big fan of the drop shadow, but it hardly ever works on a web page. This page is now generated by a perl script using HTML::Template. The cryptic line of text is the Showcase product. An entry in the showcase table links to a product, and specifies the length of time during which that product should be in the showcase. The Showcase product will then appear on the main page during that period. A tad more formatting needs to be done to the Showcase, me thinks.