Day 18: Random Bytes

Saturday, March 15, 2003 In the hope of eventually ridding ourselves of PHP-Nuke, I have setup an this beta area to try out some alternatives. Right now there is Movable Type and not much else. Watch that space.

Angela continued her quest to become an eBay Trading Assistant by listing three more items. Two of yesterday’s items have already sold, so that seems like a good sign.

Finally, a bit of networking for a potential side business: We have considered adding pet sitting to our list of provided services. It’s connected to web design the same way crafts are: It’s something we’re interested in, so perhaps we can get income from it. Angela took Bernie to the dog park today, and met a couple who is new in town and travels alot. Seizing the opportunity, she mentioned how we are interested in being pet sitters. We plan to follow-up with these people to see if we can get started as sitters.

A slow day, perhaps, but it’s all cumulative.