Day 17: All My Life for Sale on eBay

Friday, March 14, 2003

Okay, not really. But we did see John Freyer speak at SXSW, and it seemed like an interesting experience. We won’t take it quite so far.

Today’s task was posting three different items up for sale on eBay. While that may seem more like a spring cleaning task than one related to our business, there is actually a purpose. We’d like to become an eBay Trading Assistant… and to do that, we need a minimum feedback of at least 50. Since we’ve still got a few to go, we may just skip the annual garage sale and sell some of those goodies online.

The Trading Assistant program seems promising because it targets the same demographic as our customers — people who want to sell stuff online. It also adds another layer to what we can offer. If somebody just has an item or two they want to sell online, we can work with them as Trading Assistants. Or, if they decide they want to really get involved with online sales, we can look into building them a website. Either way, we’re happy and they’re happy.

Tonight’s three items were just a start. So if you’re looking for good deals in the next few weeks, don’t worry about scouring the newspaper ads, dusting off the street maps, and getting lost looking for garage sales. Just watch eBay!