Week 1: Giving Blood

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Billy and I gave blood today. It’s not much, but since that’s the main thing that spurred me to action, it seemed like a fitting place to start. You see, Oklahoma Blood Institute (they give out nice T-shirts) has taken to harrassing us by phone. Since we’ve managed to get off of most of the telemarketing lists, our phone seldom rings. We tend to like it that way. But OBI is a not-for-profit group, so they don’t have to abide by the same rules as telemarketers. After they left this week’s phone message, I contemplated once again whether to call and ask them to stop calling… but I really do mean to give blood, so maybe their reminders aren’t such a bad idea. Then I started wondering why I don’t give blood. There’s just not a good time… but that’s only because I don’t make time. Long story short, I decided to give myself an incentive to make time… and now, I have a bright shiny frog-themed T-shirt to show for it!