Day 15: The New News Goat

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Notice anything different? This blog, much like almost every other blog in the know universe, is now powered by Movable Type. Yes, I know what I said, but I decided that I’ve got too many things going on to ever have time to add the features I want to my old system. And, besides, as J.D. Lasica said at SXSW, Movable Type is the Cadillac of blog software. All old entries should be available from their old URLs, and in the new system. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be turning on some of the new features. It should be fun.

In other news, I spoke with someone from the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce because of my request for more information. The cost to join, $335, is a little steep, but it could be worth it. We still need to look at the benefits to decide if it is something we should do.

Finally, SXSW was awesome. We came away with a ton of plans and ideas. I had the opportunity to learn from, and learn with, the people I read everyday. I can’t wait to start work on some of the things we came up with at the conference. Be watching for some exciting stuff.