Day 15: Contests & More Learning

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I entered a business card design contest for the Oklahoma City PC Users Group. They’ll announce the winner ($50 gift certificate) at the next meeting, which is on March 20. Billy and I have discussed getting involved with them — the membership fees aren’t bad, and it should give us a chance to meet people with similar interests, and hopefully a chance to learn a thing or two along the way. So wish me luck with my designs!

I also signed up for the Web Design email list. It seems like Billy has learned a lot from this group.

And on a slightly-less-business-related note, I’ve decided I need to do more volunteer work. One hour per week seems a good place to start. And since things tend to creep in and crowd out the best intentions, I’ve decided to give myself an incentive. For every week I miss the hour of work, I’ll donate cash to a charity. I’ve decided our hourly rate for clients is a good amount to donate. Either way benefits the community… but knowing how cheap I am, I’m sure I’ll be motivated to do the actual work. Though this is primarily a personal choice, it can’t hurt the business to meet more people in the community.