Day 9: OKMensa “Phase 1” Complete

Thursday, March 6, 2003

With Angela fixing the last of the problems in the various themes, and me adding a page to subscribe to OKMensa mailing lists, the first phase of updating the COM web site is complete. What’s next for OKMensa? Glad you asked…

We want to rip the guts out of it. That means removing PHP-Nuke and replacing it with something easier to customize. Right now, I’m leaning toward a combination of Movable Type for Mensa related news, and some kind of bulletin board system for discussions. I really like the current look, so that probably won’t change much. We will, however, modify the underlying code to make it validate and to make it more accessible. It’s long overdue, and I feel guilty for letting the site sit like it has for so long. But, we have it on the right track now, and we will keep making it better as long as we are in charge of it.