Day 7: More Updating & More Advertising

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

In her efforts to keep our web sites fresh and lemon-scented, Angela has been adding features to OKMensa — on the “From Our Members” page, you will find a Flash trivia game and a lovely Key of Acronyms. It’s good for COM — anything extra we put on the website makes membership more valuable, and it helps promote the group. It’s good for us — the more we create, the more we can create. And, it’s good for our business — for the same reasons I just mentioned. Weren’t you paying attention?

We also increased our advertising presence on the Web. If you’ll notice, the same Google search that shows our Google ad also lists as one of the top listings. We have had a free listing there for a few months, and it has brought some hits to our website. So, we ponied up the cash for a featured listing (may or may not be up yet). We also signed up to be an Editor’s Pick — we’ll have to pay a commission if we take on any of the projects they refer to us, but, right now, we are more interested in the work than in the money.