Day 4: OKMensa Update

Saturday, March 1, 2003

If something is going to be in your portfolio, it better be worth showing. The Central Oklahoma Mensa web site, while more than adequate for our group’s needs, has been crying out for a face lift for quite some time. Navigation was confusing and inconsistent, and there were many small errors throughout the site that we simply had not had the time to fix. We are now taking that time. Beginning early this morning (And I do mean early — as in, right after midnight.), we started updating the site. It has a new, cleaner look, more consistent navigation, and a lot of the little nagging problems have been fixed.

More is to come. Right now, Angela is tweaking the design, while I’m going through my broken link report, making fixes. We have a list of items we want to complete for OKMensa in the next couple of days. Potential clients visiting our website and checking our portfolio need to see that our sites are kept updated and maintained.

These are short term changes. Eventually, we will get rid of that monstrosity, PHP-Nuke, in favor of a more manageable, better written system. We will make the site standard, accessible, and nacho cheese flavored — nothing’s too good for one of our web sites.

Not coincidentally, the Mensa PRP award judging begins soon. OKMensa did well last year, wining best overall for small groups. Another award would be one more thing to brag about on Smart Goat.