Moving Forward

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Work continues. It’s not as bad as it was, but it’s obvious it will never really get better. The decision-makers show no signs of having learned from this debacle. Steps were skipped and corners cut, just to meet an arbitrary deadline. We worked our fingers to the bone, and what did we get? Bony fingers, that’s what. We are on the verge of losing a client we worked so hard for because of poor planning and unrealistic promises. Whatever happens will happen again with the next client, and the next one after that.

I’ve learned something important from all this — I’m not cut out for the corporate world. If giving up one’s personal life is what it takes to succeed, I’m not interested. More precisely, if that’s what it takes to succeed at someone else’s company, I’m not interested. To me, a job is just a way to make money, it is not my life.

Unfortunately, life tends to require money. That leaves me with a couple of options: put up with it, or find some other way to make money. And, since I’ve always believed one should not put up with something they believe is wrong, that really only leaves one option. But how do we accomplish that goal? It takes time, and planning, I know. What else? Tune in tomorrow…