Post-Holiday Update

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

This Memorial weekend was a good one. Friday we drove down to Dallas to see Patty Griffin at the Gypsy Tea Room. It was a great show, despite the bouncy guy who kept trying to back into me. :-)

The next day we went to visit Angela’s parents. While there, we got to do some fishing. Both of us caught too much sun and not enough fish.

I also got to see just how broken News Goat is in Netscape 4.7x. That’s the next thing I need to fix. And, I had an idea for Smart Goat. I want to add a comments section to the portfolio. It would be a way of getting more feedback from current and potential customers. Current customers could make their section private, so only they and us could see it while it was in development. Not that we have any current customers, but, hey, ya gotta think ahead.

Horn tooting time: Mensa gives awards each year in various categories for both newsletters and websites. This year, the newsletter received 6 nominations, and the website received three. Not bad for our first year to enter, huh? We won’t know if we’ve won anything until the AG in July.

Also, another bit of good news: Angela has a new job. Same company, but new job. Starting June 3, she will be an Internet developer. Same department as me, just on a different team. I think she’ll enjoy it much more than QA, and I know she’ll do great. And, it’ll be nice to finally have a programmer in the family. :-)