Them Gas Doo-Hickeys Could ‘Splode!

Monday, May 20, 2002

We’ve got the gas grill in place — I’ll post a story about it after I get the pictures uploaded. I can’t wait to use it.

It’s not connected to the gas line, yet, and here’s why: It clearly says in the user manual to call your natural gas company and have them connect it. Although I’m eager to start grilling, this seemed like a good idea. They’re the experts, and the connection probably hasn’t been used in ten years. That, and my natural fear of flammable gases. So, I called the natural gas company. After explaining what I needed, the nice lady told me that they don’t do that anymore, for “liability” reasons.

I almost said, “But, YOURE THE GAS COMPANY.” Anything that involves connecting gas appliances should be part of their job. Personally, I think this makes them more liable, since they’re leaving the job up to a moron like me, rather than send someone who knows what they’re doing. Now I’m worried that, if I ever smell a gas leak, I’ll call and they’ll tell me, “Whoa, that sounds dangerous, we’re not coming anywhere near there!”