[Bernie] To complete our series of animals that currently live with us, here’s Bernie. Right now, Bernie is across the hall, trying his best not to take a bath. Sometimes I think he is going to be the oldest puppy ever. So far, he and Abby seem to be getting along pretty well, although there is some fighting for our attention. In time they’ll sort it out.

We took both dogs to training class last night. Bernie has been through it before, but he could use a refresher. And we thought it might be good for Abby. Problem was, Abby wasn’t the least bit interested. When it came time to practice sitting, she completely ignored us. We would have to force her to sit, and then she wouldn’t take the treat. I can’t understand anybody not motivated by food. :-) I don’t know if it was the other dogs, other people, or just the fact that she’s not familiar enough with us yet. Of course, the cage full of cats behind us didn’t help. At one point, as we were practicing walking on a leash, she completely slipped out of her collar. Discovering her new found freedom, she made a run for it. There are few things more useless than calling to a dog that doesn’t know its name yet. We tried to catch her, while at the same time keeping her exits blocked. She ran around to the other side of the building and back again before finding what she was looking for — the cage full of cats.