Wireless Day

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

I thought about posting an April Fool’s gag yesterday, but I’m pretty much the only one who reads this site, and I’m not easily fooled. :-)

Yesterday was the day we went wireless. We got a cell phone — and no, you can’t have the number. :-) We’re going to start advertising our business in the yellow pages, and we needed a business phone, so this seemed like the best solution. Plus, no long distance and no roaming seemed like a good deal. Most importantly, it’s one more tiny gadget that plays games. :-)

We also got the wireless network set up at home. I had some problems at first — I had downloaded and installed the latest software for the access points we bought. But the configuration utility couldn’t connect to either of the APs. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t connect — and there was nothing useful on the Internet. Finally, I got rid of all the software I had downloaded and then installed from the CD that came with the APs. Rebooted, and it worked. Apparently, the “latest software” from the Linksys website wasn’t the latest after all.

I then set one AP as an access point connected to the hub, and the other AP as an access point client connected (via cross-over cable) to Audrey. Voila! Wireless Audrey. And it works really well. Audrey is currently living on the kitchen counter. All the power cords limit its portability, but at least now it’s more useful than when it was sitting next to two full size computers. :-)

I’m working on a redesign of News Goat. It’s almost done, and it looks so much better than this version. I’ve also got an idea in my head for a new version of Smart Goat, which I’ll need to do pretty soon if we’re going to start advertising.

Last weekend, we painted the family room. It turned out really nice — the pictures don’t do it justice. We also got to have a nice visit with Angela’s family.

And now for some really big news — Angela is going to get LASIK surgery. She’s very excited about it, and I’m very excited for her. In about 2 weeks she’ll have normal vision — how cool is that?